Hello World

When starting something new, I suppose it's worthwhile to lay out what the thing is for, and why it should exist. So we'll start with that.

  • I like blogging, and having not done it for a number of years, I find that I miss it.
  • For many of my ideas, I find posting exclusively on social media to be inadequate (too temporal, and in the case of Twitter, too brief).
  • I find myself with something to say on a number of topics, which I will get to in due time. I believe in the course of this blog I will tangentially connect several of these disparate topics. We shall see.

Thus, I intend this blog to be a single repository for my ideas, a source of truth that builds upon itself, and a permanent reference in contrast to the ephemera of social media. My intention is to post at least once a week, and cross-post to Facebook/Twitter as appropriate.

Oh, and I hope this turns out to be fun! :)

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